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About us

What are newspapers worth if they are funded by corporate oligarchs? - Absolutely nothing.

There is a clear demand for a platform, to which the global leftist, anti-imperialist movement can utter its opinions and viewpoints without fearing corporate censorship. The corporate, mainstream media spits out false news to further their regime-change agenda. It disenfranchises the global working-class by taking the side of the bourgeoisie and the money-laundering oligarchs. That is where we come into place. We want to shape public opinion, and give the oppressed world majority a quality platform.

"Freedom of the press, too, is a kind of beauty which one must have loved to be able to defend. It is something which I love truly, whose existence I feel to be essential, to be necessary to me so that without it I cannot live at peace, or live a full life".

- Karl Marx

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