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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Bolivian coup-regime plans to withdraw from socialist ALBA-TCP trade agreement

Coup dictator Jeanine Áñez has reportedly decided to pull Bolivia out of the Socialist ALBA-TCP trade agreement, to which it became a member in 2006.


The Bolivian Jeanine Áñez-regime, which came to power following an illegal US-backed coup against President-elect Evo Morales, has decided to withdraw from the ALBA-TCP trade agreement first signed into effect by Venezuela and Cuba in 2004.

Evo Morales posted the news on his personal twitter account on December 5th, stating how revolutionary movements all across Latin America will remain in the ALBA-TCP agreement as they strive for a prosperous & independent Latin America.

The ALBA-TCP agreement was established in direct opposition to the FTAA trade agreement proposal first coined in 2003, to which both Bolivia and Venezuela opposed strongly as a “tool for the colonisation of the Americas”. The FTAA was never materialized.

The Jeanine Áñez-regime continues to consolidate its grip on the Bolivian state apparatus and society, following weeks of deadly clashes across country.