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This article is an op-ed, and does not necessarily reflect the editorial line of The People's Examiner.

Despite Labour flaws, a Conservative win means more bombs on Yemeni Children

The British people did not win this election. The Military Industrial Complex did.


The December 12th election brought about a very disappointing result for Britain: The Conservative Party won by a landslide with 365 seats in the UK House of Commons contrary to the abysmal 203 Labour mandates.

There are many flaws to point out within the Labour Party, especially regarding Labour’s switching stances on the Brexit question. Corbyn’s wish to bring about a second referendum could be a reason for the election result, as most British people would like to see Brexit get sorted as quickly as possible.

However, despite the many flaws to point out about Corbyn or the Labour Party, there’s one thing they deserve praise for: Their opposition to pointless wars. Labour promised not only to recognise the Palestinian State, but to stop all forms of support for the Saudi Coalition currently bombing Yemen to pieces.

A tory-win means a win for the British Military Industrial Complex. A tory-win means a win for BAE systems, whose bombs have been used by Saudi warplanes to bomb schools, hospitals and funeral halls throughout 5 years the war in Yemen has been ongoing, criticized for being complicit in war crimes.

The lives of millions of people were thus in the hands of whoever won the UK election. Had the Labour party won a majority, the children of Yemen would perhaps be able to sigh in relief knowing that the chances of bombs being dropped on their heads would be lowered. Same thing goes for the many Palestinian children and entire families who are constantly being harassed by the Zionist occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.

A sad day for Britain and a sad day for the people of Arabia, whose fate remains unguaranteed.