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This article is a newsroom article, republished from various news agencies around the globe.

Shocking revelation: Relief aid members complicit in Coalition targeting of Yemeni Media Union residence

A Russian citizen of Yemeni origin revealed that a man and woman from a relief organisation visited the building where the head of the Yemeni Media Union Abdullah Sabri lived, 3 days before he was bombed by an airstrike. Russia Today channel quoted Dr. Shams Al-Naimi who is a naturalized Russian citizen and was wounded in the raid: “The neighbors told us that a man and woman from a relief organisation visited the building to inquire about its residents and they were looking for a journalist working for a media outlet affiliated with the “Houthis”. 3 days later and the house was bombed by an airstrike.”

Al-Naimi had arrived in Moscow recently after the Russian Foreign Ministry intervened to evacuate its nationals from Yemen. She said: “This fierce war launched by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, we lost our home and everything else and we would lose our lives.” She added: “Miraculously, we were freed and liberated from the rubble, but fragments and burns still fill our bodies.”

She emphasized that the building is inhabited by multiple families and a school next door. “There is no justification for the brutal bombing and killing of innocents. It is a terrible and inhuman matter”, she said.

On the 11th of last Ramadan, the Saudi-American Coalition targeted the house of Abdullah Sabri, the head of the Yemeni Media Union in the Al-Raqqas neighborhood with an airstrike that killed and wounded dozens, including 4 children from one family. Sabri’s mother and his two sons Louay and Hassan were all killed in the airstrike while Sabri himself sustained fractures and cuts to his legs for which he is still being treated.